What are chronic conditions?

Chronic conditions include asthma, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and cystic fibrosis - together, chronic conditions affect approximately 10-20% of Australian youth. Currently, there is no cure for these conditions, although they can be managed so that their impact is minimised.

What’s the link between chronic conditions and wellbeing?

Living with a chronic condition can have an emotional and psychological impact on young people and their families. People with chronic conditions may experience unpredictable symptoms, chronic pain, and have to engage in invasive or time-consuming treatments. They may also experience disruption to school, employment, social life, and family routines.

What is positive psychology?

Positive psychology focuses on promoting strengths and thriving in individuals, families, and communities. While “traditional” psychology focuses more on understanding and treating mental illness, positive psychology aims to understand the role that positive experiences and traits (such as hope, optimism, mindfulness, and compassion) have in supporting wellbeing and resilience, and how we can best cultivate them.

The aim of the Uplift project is to use positive psychology principles to provide an engaging and evidence-based approach to supporting wellbeing and resilience among young Australians with chronic illness.